What if no matter where you went, you felt confident?


Hello, I’m Debra Bernoff! I’m here to ask you... what if more days of the year you felt powerful and made the right decisions?

Let’s Build your Legacy!

I’ll start by saying this: I know what it’s like to feel insecure. I know how much it hurts to doubt yourself or to put yourself on the back burner. I hate that feeling.

On the other hand, I know what it’s like to feel amazingly confident. I know what it is to put myself first, to realize that I can accomplish all I need to accomplish without neglecting my own self-care. Now that’s a feeling I can get behind and can seek every day with pride and happiness.

Imagine this: What if a woman reduced the number of days she felt down on herself? What if the number of days she didn’t move her body or didn't make healthy food choices steadily dwindled, and she stopped rejecting her mate in the bedroom just because she felt tired or bad about herself?

join us February 7-12, 2018
Body, Sex and Business is a groundbreaking event that combines everything a woman needs to know in order to feel confident, sexy and in control.

Imagine what your life can be if you said YES...


when is this retreat?

Body, Sex and Business takes place February 7-12th, 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our closed-door, women-only mastermind weekend might just change EVERYTHING for you.


who is bsb for?

This event is for ANY WOMAN who feels that she can be more than what she is right now. If you believe you can be healthier, sexier and more successful in business … you can, and this is where you’ll learn how to do it. It is for those who are ready to take action to better their own lives, plain and simple.


what you can expect

I’ll show you how to be more confident in your own skin, be more satisfied with your own sexuality and walking into ANY room like you own it.

Everywhere you go – in business, the bedroom and beyond – you’ll own your life.


Are you ready for a total lifestyle makeover from every angle?