+ Who is Body, Sex and Business for?

This event is for ANY WOMAN who feels that she can be more than what she is right now. If you believe you can be healthier, sexier and more successful in business … you can, and this is where you’ll learn how to do it.

Body, Sex and Business is NOT for women who simply want to talk, but not do. It is not for anyone who would rather complain than grow. It’s not for anyone who feels like they “should” come, but isn’t really ready for change.

It is for those who are ready to take action to better their own lives, plain and simple.

+ How Will I Benefit?

Not only will you enjoy the hell out of yourself for a long weekend, pampered by a range of experts, you will leave with tools to apply to your health, your sex life and your business for the foreseeable future.

+ Can I really afford it?

Here’s a better question: Can you really afford not to take your health, confidence and business aspirations seriously? If you want to live half a life, then go ahead and save your money and stay home.

But I believe in more for you. I believe in BIGGER.

It’s time to end the heartache, ditch the excuses and finally become the woman you were meant to be.

+ What's included?

Your registration includes accommodations at a gorgeous, serene and comfortable site in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as the majority of meals. You are responsible only for travel to the event, a few meals and any incidentals. Your registration also includes all of the bells and whistles of this event: including experts in hair, makeup, style, nutrition, sexuality and business.

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