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Body, Sex and Business was soooo AMAZING for me! WOW!! It totally changed how I see myself & how others see me as well. My confidence grew 110%. BSB is NOT for everyone, it is only for those that truly are wanting a CHANGE or a SHIFT in their life. Whether it is working on your relationship with your significant other, or maybe your body isn't right where you would like it, OR maybe you need guidance on improving your business. Whatever it may be I can assure you that if you go & play full out & participate you will come home with so much more than what you arrived with. I can tell you that I am a better person because of it. If you use the tools & techniques that you learn & apply them to your everyday life it makes them who you are. Debra pours her heart into each one of us & I love her from the bottom of my heart! Remember you are not in this alone because the sisterhood is something you will always have. XXPOWER


I was struggling and lacking passion when I decided to go to Body, Sex and Business. The mastermind portion of the event gave me ideas for reaching a new path. I gained input from each women’s perspective and encouragement for writing my book which was BIG! It completely shifted my thinking.


Are you ready for a total lifestyle makeover from every angle?


Body, Sex and Business was an amazing experience for me and 100% worth it - Debra Bernoff is someone you want in your corner - and she becomes that person for everyone who attends BSB! Debra has a way of connecting with us on a whole different level. There are certain things that we process differently as women - and it doesn't matter what your personality is - Debra is able to work with you to figure out what you need to make you the best you you can be. Her passion about helping women to become the best versions of themselves is self-evident in every aspect of this retreat - from the location to the material that is covered and everything in between. Everything is meticulously planned and executed and you walk away having gained far more than the investment you make to go. And it truly is that - an investment - an investment in yourself to become who you were designed to be in every aspect of your life. Because the truth is that it all works together - if one or more areas in your life is not congruent with the rest you know it - even if others don't see it - and when you realize how it all fits together, you leave there so revitalized and excited about what your life is going to be like because of this experience.

The other thing to note is that it does not stop once you leave there that weekend. You become a part of a network of amazing women who continue to encourage and inspire each other. You see the power that having a network like this in your life has.

I cannot say enough about it - I would go back again if I could. I came back from it feeling fantastic and so grateful for being given the opportunity to do it. I really was able to discover things about myself I never knew, and deal with things that needed to be dealt with in ways I was never able to prior to this. It's opened me up to be a much truer version of myself and for that I am ever grateful.

The idea of attending BSB was not initially something I felt compelled to do. I waited 4 years to go and then went for my husband, because I knew it was what HE wanted me to do. Before attending the event, I felt I had my act together and this was nothing more than a girls slumber party. I quickly realized the value in BSB by the first morning. Every detail was perfect, from the welcome packets to the professionals Debra had speak at the event. I learned more about myself and how to be in a positive relationship than I had even imagined and as a result have worked so hard on all levels of my life; the best outcome is my relationship with my husband and daughters, which is the best it has ever been. My life now is how I’ve  known it could be. When I returned home, my friends kept saying something was different and as a result, my confidence became natural and easy; something that I didn’t really have before. In fact I stopped second guessing myself and no longer had to remind myself to be confident...I knew before BSB that I valued my self and my relationships but being OK with taking care of myself first and foremost was huge! My biggest take away from the event was being comfortable with women and allowing women to be people I respected and admired, not to compete with. I love being a part of a group of such strong women who want the best for themselves and for those around them. It’s such a gift to be with women who embrace life and who embrace themselves and I will be forever grateful to Debra Bernoff for creating BSB. Life was good, now it’s great! As a mom of three girls who are in their 20’s to be their role model and someone to live up to, that is priceless. If you’re considering BSB, I highly recommend it; it’s life changing

Debra Bernoff's Body Sex and Business course is a "Must Do" for every woman who wants more out of life.  

The retreat is an amazing life-changing event.   Debra doesn't hold back in spoiling you, her thoughtful attention to every little detail shows up in so many ways.  Each day is full of surprises, subject-matter experts and unforgettable experiences.   During your stay, you will have the ability to release anything that's holding you back while creating a new blueprint for your life.  You will leave the retreat with a sexy glow, feeling loved and empowered.

The program doesn't stop when you leave the retreat.  You become part of a wonderful community of amazing, supportive women.  Debra continues to engage us in occasional challenges, group calls and life planning exercises.  For example, her food and fitness challenges have inspired me to take better care of my body through establishing lasting healthy habits, bringing me back down to a size that I haven't been in over 20 years.  

I've participated in dozens of different programs over the years, but Body, Sex and Business was by far one of the most impactful and holistic events I've ever been to.  It allowed me to thoughtfully examine and love every part of my life - which meant making fitness, sex and my business a greater priority.  

When we learn to be the best version of ourselves, we become limitless in our potential to make a positive impact in the lives around us.   Debra has raised the bar on my life in so many big and small ways - she has a magical way of illuminating the best of who you can be, and inspiring you to become that woman.